What to expect from the first counseling visit?
The first time we meet, I like getting to know your. You can share as much as you are comfortable about your background, your family , decisions you have made in your life, your dreams and your aspirations. This is a time for making sure we make a good connection. If you do not feel comfortable meeting after the first session, I will help you find a different therapist. Also, if I do not have the expertise to help you out, I will let you know and also I will help you find a different therapist. We will also talks about goals you have and we will come up with a treatment plan on how to reach your goals. Your are important and I want to make sure you are successful reaching any goals you are ready to start working on.

Finding the right therapist for your needs;
I often get calls from potential clients wanting to schedule counseling appointment but not knowing how to select the right therapist. Here are few suggestions. Before you make the call, write down what are your goals from counseling. Look for a therapist who specializes in the topics your goal target. Secondly, see if the therapist has a website. Most websites give information on the therapist 's background, experience , type of clients the therapist has worked with. Thirdly, make a call and ask questions that may help you with the decision making. You may need evening or weekend appointments, therapist specialized in more complex issues and so on. Often talking to a therapist also gives you an idea if you would make a good connection with the therapist; did you feel rushed or did the therapist take time to listen to your concerns? Where you comfortable talking to the therapist? How long did it take for your call to get returned? What is appointment availability? Is there a wait list and how long? Lastly, the best referrals I find are clients who already know your reputation ; word of mouth from previous clients and what their experience was like is very powerful . Your time is valuable and wellness . Don't hesitate to make your needs and expectations known!

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